Reiki Healing

An ancient yet an extremely popular form of healing, that uses telekinetic energy to balance you chakras. Some would describe their experience as a full body message or a complete system reboot that leaves you absolutely relaxed.

Triptta can also customize the healing session to address what you need most in that session..


I have been suffering with bone marrow oedema in my left knee for almost a year now. At the age of 22, it prevents me from doing basic activities such as running or any exercise where there is pressure on my knee. I tried everything- physiotherapy, various medicines, exercises but the pain was unbearable. I’ve never tried reiki before, never believed in the concept either until Tripta performed the reiki on my left knee. After the reiki, I was able to lift my left knee without support (something that I was unable to do before) and for the next 2 weeks did not require any pain medications. I was & am shocked by the results!

*Reiki does not replace any medical advice provided*

Reiki Healing Session

$45/ 45min session

$75/ 60min session

Dwight River Side Inn is 15 minutes from Algonquin Provincial Park., 5 Minutes from the sandy beaches of Dwight, 10 Minutes from Deerhurst Lakeside Golf Course.


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