Thriving Simplified
Live Retreat

A 3-day live retreat designed to give you the energetic shift needed for life-changing transformation

Next Retreat : August 25th – 28th Dwight, Ontario

Reclaim what's lost

Work the layers of your identity and reclaim the parts of ourselves lost in this journey.

Discover your truth

Uncover the true values and personal beliefs that embody YOUR truth.

Create deep connection

Begin connecting deeply with your body, yourself, & the world around you.

It's time you connected with... YOU

Why Thriving Simplified?

We long for real connection to live at a deeper and fulfilling level. We want to connect more authentically with ourselves and others. Yet we have lived and continue to live in separation and polarization with internal dialogues like “I don’t mix business with pleasure.”, “I am different at home and different at work.”, “I leave my emotions at the door”, are just a few of the many polarizing narratives we have built into our way of living.
It’s this polarization that has finally brought you to this point where we feel even more alienated, discontent, and disconnected than ever before, increasing our stress, anxiety and in some cases a sense of despair. Our levels of trust in others and ourselves is at an all time low and fear at an all time high! A state where thriving seems to be a is distant and complicated process.
Thriving simplified is about collapsing these polarities. And it is simple and sustainable.

An Integrated Approach - Profound Inner Work Done Gently !

Yes, gently! My process targets energetic shifts that continue working in the background at an unconscious level. It combines a variety of sciences, from the modern day neuroscience to the ancient sciences of chakra balancing. Thriving simplified uses a variety of psychological and spiritual approaches to engage and integrate the Mindy body and soul.

What's included?

On boarding zoom calls

One on one call to personalize the process to you .

1 group zoom call to introduce the group of max 10 attendees to each other, to the journey and to answer and queries that you might have .

Online enneagram assessment

The integrative Enneagram offers unparalleled depth of insight into enneagram types, personality, motivation, and limiting beliefs, creati g the potential for accelerated integrative and sustainable development in Individuals .

Yoga meditation and breathwork session

Live group coaching, demonstrations and practice sessions with Triptta and Diane through out the retreat days.

What are people Saying?

Since I began working with you I see a lot of confidence and change in me. You not only give me your time you are also helping rebuild my confidence and my creativity ( I love how my business Positive Vibrations has evolved). Today i feel more secure , I feel confident and I have a friend. It is extremely difficult to find a pure soul like you who has unconditional love for me.

Shivani India

Working with Triptta felt like a deep dive into the core of who I am. I became more aware of where I was really and it gave me a clear road map of where I want to go. Thanks to tools like the Enneagram and some powerful questions, Triptta guided me into putting my thoughts and emotions together. I also really enjoyed quantum healing: it truly gave me another level of awareness. I became more in touch with my emotions and what I was able to manifest. This holistic approach helped me discover, understand and become a better version of myself where I feel more in tune with who I am!

Amal Khatou

Meet your facilitators

Triptta (Lead Facilitator)

Triptta brings over 8 years of walking this path and has put this process and model of integration together. She brings over 21 years of facilitation and coaching experience combined with 3 years of healing practices and finally 2 years of yoga practice focused on chakra balancing to the table.


Diane is a Reiki Master, Etheric Healing Practitioner., & a qualified facilitator of Meditation and Mindfulness. She brings over 40 years of experience working with people on all stages of life to to reclaim their ‘life’ through a process of mind-body-spirit integration.


Robin is a 4th generation Muskokan and Canadian adventurer. He is a professor of Adventure Tourism at Fanshawe College and an accomplished photographer, astronomer and guide. With his extensive knowledge he will help us experience the elements of earth and water (root chakra & sacral chakra) at the Oxtounge River Rapid Park.

What happens after the retreat?


Life time access to the app Empty to fulfilled


Group zoom session 2 weeks after retreat


1X1 accountability and support coaching session


Access to Pvt Facebook community to support and be supported by the tribe and triptta

Dates Of Retreats

August 25th – 28th
September 15th – 18th
October 27th – 30th

Program Details

Price : 1659$ + HST Double Occupancy (standard room)

Price :$1759 + HST Single Occupancy (standard room)

Check in : 2 pm 
Check out : 11 am 

Program closes at 1pm on the last day

*ask about the upgrades to a suite or even our new luxury tents

Dwight River Side Inn is 15 minutes from Algonquin Provincial Park., 5 Minutes from the sandy beaches of Dwight, 10 Minutes from Deerhurst Lakeside Golf Course.


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