Thrive With Triptta

Soul searcher, Hatha Yoga Practitioner, Life resilience Coach


Wellness Services

Yoga & Meditation

Learn to pause and get lost... in yourself

Thriving Simplified Live Retreat

A 3-day live retreat designed to give you the energetic shift needed for life-changing transformation

Reiki Healing

Energy healing to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety.

My Story

I now know what it takes to feel fulfilled, free of anxiety driven by the need of validation and inadequacy, to live a life empowered with choice, purpose and compassion.
My journey to achieve and sustain this state was triggered by my divorce and the first step in that journey was to acknowledge that only I could change things for me. The second step which took some time was to acknowledge that there is no quick fix and there is no avoiding the inner work.
I was trying everything: reiki, theta healing, gaining an MA in organizational development & change, studying cognitive neuro sciences & human behavior via my PhD enrollment, became a certified NLP practitioner, certified MBSR, Quantum Healing, spirituality, accredited enneagram practitioner. While all of them gave me knowledge it didn’t give me the courage to go inwards – until I did my Yoga teacher training and revisited ‘Chakras’ through the lense of yoga. It suddenly all fell into place., The chakra balancing shifted me energetically. This allowed me to apply my knowledge and go inwards without fear, to sustain the change I was working on- It is, in my experience the universal key to unlock the human bliss.

Who am I ?

I m not a fixer, I am not a problem solver, I am not a teacher or a trainer, I don’t have all the answers. I am a soul searcher, I am a sharer and a questioner, I am a guide and help create a safe space for you to take that inward journey. I hold the space for you to show up for you.

Serial learner :

My journey showed me my love for learning and transforming, My learning showed me there is always more to learn and transform , My transformation showed me with every layer you discover and transform within yourself you grow . My growth showed me the more you grow, the closer you come to sustained joy and peace you achieve.

“The only thing that allows you to grow is the courage to be vulnerable and go inwards “

Connection :

Connection begins with yourself first. when you connect with yourself first then you create the possibility to connect with those around you.
“ when you connect to your soul, you gain the limitless sense of belonging.”

Commitment :

I learnt the commitment to myself first meant being true to my values& maintaining my boundaries with compassion. Everyday I discover a new area and a new way to honor my commitment to me which allows me to show up as the loving compassionate person I am and remain connected with authenticity.

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