Trained in person by yogis in India through the school of Aumyogashala 

1 on 1 Yoga and Meditation

Practice Yoga or meditate in the backdrop of the Boyne River or learn the practice of meditation with Triptta online. Your session is completely adapted to your needs at any age or level.

Yoga $65/session 75 min 

Guided Meditation $45/session 45 min

Yoga one-on-one Package $499 for 10 sessions

Meditation one-on-one Package $399 for 10 sessions

Group Yoga and Meditation

The Group Yoga sessions focus on stability (root chakra postures), hip opening  (sacral chakra postures), Spine wellness and chest opening (solar plexus & heart chakra)

Yoga $25/session 75 Min

Yoga Nidra Meditation & Breath Work $25/session 60 Min

Yoga / Meditation Package $200 for 10 Sessions

Hotel Guest Price $22/Session


“ I have had the pleasure of Triptta guiding me through yoga practice for about 4 months now. Triptta teaches an inclusive class full of students from various age groups and flexibility levels. She assesses each student based on their needs and designs her classes to match as such. Her teachings are wholesome and true and there is always words of encouragement to push yourself further. Triptta often encourages us to, trust in ourselves and to BREATHE into our stomachs, by doing that you can do anything. I’ve taken that message and applied it not only to strengthening my yoga practice but I’m my everyday life. Her classes are fantastic!”
Hi, I’m Miriam and I have been enjoying Triptta’s yoga classes for a few months now. I would like to share with you how much I have learned and benefitted from her classes. Triptta has a clear, informed, patient, understanding approach to teaching yoga focusing on each participants’ individual needs giving attention to correct body alignment and execution of poses done safely. The classes are challenging, rewarding and encompass the body, mind, spirit union of yoga philosophy. Personally I have become more flexible, stronger, and more confident in my yoga practice and I always look forward to participating in Triptta’s yoga classes.
Miriam Luddington
Triptta is very hands-on with her yoga. She gives correction and adjustment according to each person's flexibility and ability. Her yoga is very much about strength and mobility. I am on the opposite side of the spectrum as most people, as I am hyper mobile- my joints are TOO flexible so she adapts poses etc for me to help keep me stable and strong - not to stretch. Triptta's recommendations have helped me in other athletic activities to hold my body strong and use controlled movement to increase stability. Her classes are definitely work but worth it!
Barbara Coon

Trained in person by yogis in India through the school of aumyogashala 

  • Accredited Practitioner 

Dwight River Side Inn is 15 minutes from Algonquin Provincial Park., 5 Minutes from the sandy beaches of Dwight, 10 Minutes from Deerhurst Lakeside Golf Course.


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