About Riverside

The Dwight Riverside Cottages were first built in the 1930s to serve an increasing interest in tourism around Dwight and its beautiful sandy Beach.

The first 5 rooms of the Motel were built in the early 40s, followed a few years later by the other 7 rooms. A restaurant (lost to fire in the 1990s) fed the hungry guests as well as locals alike.

The motel underwent a few ownership changes before we had the opportunity to continue the legacy of this fine property, taking over in April of 2018.

Expect for the Riverside to continue to be the gateway to Dwight and a welcoming place for young and old alike to come and Get Lost! (in Nature).

Timeline of Getting Lost


Dwight Riverside Cottages open to serve the expanding tourist influx attracted by the (rare for Muskoka) sandy beach found a few hundred meters away.  9 cottages are built along the Boyne river and in the trees of one of the most picturesque properties in the area


The Riverside Motel opens, offering 5 rooms in its modern (for the day) motor inn concept overlooking Schaefer’s falls and the Boyne river.

Later in the decade a further 6 rooms are added along with a cozy owners suite.


Some of the cottages are starting to give into mother nature and are retired…along with a car from a few decades earlier which can still be found if one goes looking hard enough.


A restaurant is opened to serve the busy Algonquin park visitors and locals alike.


The restaurant burns to the ground causing many cottage owners wonder where they are going to get their Sunday morning – I had a few too many the night before – breakfast?


The Koi pond is dug and the handful of fish initially introduced start to do what fish do in nature…reproduce! At last count (yes they were counted – in 2011) there were more than 200 fish, and perhaps a frog or 2 too.


The Felix’ arrive straight off the plane from Lenzerheide, Switzerland and set about living their dream in the Canadian wilderness.  They would welcome guests from around the world for 7 years before they decide to retire and explore the rest of the vast country.


Following Triptta’s life long vision to operate “Wellness Retreats focusing on immersing and reconnecting people with Nature”, Dan, Triptta and Ella arrive with their very blind, very deaf cat.  Its April 4 and there is still 2 feet of snow on the ground which would remain until the first week of May.  Renovations begin to return Riverside to its former glory as the premiere property in the Lake of Bays / Algonquin area.


Room renovations are now complete!   Now you can really feel like the place is all yours by staying in the original owners suite for those needing a bit more space to hang out in at the end of the day.


The Cedar Cabin has been restored!  With 2 cozy bedrooms and a loft for 2 kids the family can come and spend a few days like they did in the 30s! (although we added heat, air conditioning and running hot water!


Delayed by…well, you know… the tents we had hoped to open last year will be completed.  Enjoy a weekend among the trees in a luxury prospector tent with en-suite bathrooms.  Camping doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, in fact we are confident that you will find ours to be the most comfortable tents you have ever seen.

Would recommended it to everyone. Was the first to stay in the newly renovated rooms! They are so nice! The property is a real gem too, a lazy river for swimming and reading a good book beside. See you again SOON!

Maria Herman – Toronto